16th International Exhibition of Graphic Humor with theme: Universal Education

Alcalá de Henares, June 3rd, 2009. The General Foundation of the University of Alcalá opens the reception of Works for the 16th International Exhibition of Graphic Humor. This year, the exhibition will be place for reflecting about the second of the Millennium Development Goals: The universal primary education.
Currently, there are more than 125 millions of children receive no education, and many more don’t fulfill 5 years of education. One of the UN goals is the universal primary education, working to achieve that by 2015 all the children in the world can have the chance of fulfilling a cycle of primary education.
That is the central point of the 16th International Exhibition of Graphic Humor: help the achievement of the second of the Millennium Development Goals through the use of graphic humor as a tool for teaching and for denouncing at the same time.
Deadline for delivering the works will be August 28th, 2009.
The International Exhibition is open to all the professionals of graphic humor and cartoon that publish or have published their Works in national or international media. The main goal of the exhibition is to sensitize about the importance of education and diffusion in the population (particularly in school students) and the need to advance in the sensitizing of this key aspect for the human development.
For further information about the conditions of the announcement and other details about this edition of the International Exhibition of Graphic Humor, please check the web: http://www.humor.fgua.es/XVImuestra . This year, the conditions have been published in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Chinese, Russian and German.
The General Foundation of the University of Alcalá announces the XVI International Exhibition of Graphic Humour University of Alcalá with the title Universal Education (2nd goal of Millenium), and the following conditions of entry:
1. Participation is open to professional Graphic Humour and Cartoon artists who publish or have published in national or international media.
2. In order to participate in the Exhibition, every artist must send a piece on the theme Universal Education (2nd goal of Millenium). It can be a vignette, a comic strip or a caricature. Together with the piece, the artist will properly fill out and send the form that can be found attached to these conditions (also available in www.humor.fgua.es/XVImuestra). The organisation reserves the right to invite any author/s it considers appropriate.
3. All art pieces must be original, they will be signed and dated, and can be made using any technique and medium. When using a computer to make the piece, the artist will have to prove that that is his/her habitual work technique, he/she must sign the work and show the number of copy and the total number of copies made (e.g. 2/4, if it is copy 2 out of a total of 4). The maximum format will be 297 x 420 mm. (A3 – 11,7 x 16,5 inches).
4. All pieces will be sent properly wrapped (it is recommended to protect them with flat cardboard). The organisation won't take responsibility on any possible damage occurred during transportation. All shipping charges will be at the participant's expense.
5. All art pieces will be sent before Aug. 31, 2009 to the following address:
Fundación General de la Universidad de Alcalá
XVI Muestra Internacional de Humor Gráfico.
C/ Imagen, 1-3. 28801 Alcalá de Henares. Madrid. España
It is essential to comply with the noted date for the adequate planning of the catalogue and design of the exhibition.
6. A selection of the pieces submitted (carried out by the Selection Commission) will be exhibited in the XVI International Exhibition of Graphic Humour of the University of Alcalá and in other exhibitions that may be celebrated.
7. All pieces submitted will be kept at the Graphic Humour Archives of the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá (excepting specific indication to the contrary, for which the artist must write on the reverse of the piece “Devolución”), and will be used for its spaces, travelling exhibitions and publications.
8. The submission of the piece means that the author authorises the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá to reproduce it and exhibit it, as long as the name of the artist is displayed and the objective is the media coverage of the Exhibition and the rest of activities of the Foundation within the field of Graphic Humour and/or of this call (edition of catalogues, posters, leaflets, media coverage, web page, etc.), and in any case it generates any type of obligation on the author's part.
9. The organisation will communicate through the Exhibition web page or through a letter the list of participants with submitted piece and the list of selected pieces. Those people whose piece is selected will be able to attend the opening and all other parallel activities, for which they will be informed of the accommodation and maintenance conditions.
10. At the end of the exhibition in Alcalá, those people with selected pieces will receive a copy of the publication, which will be edited to mark the celebration of the Exhibition.
11. The organisation reserves the right to not exhibit those pieces considered to infringe individual or collective rights.
12. The participation on this Exhibition means the acceptance of these conditions.

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