Theme in Kosova World Cartoon Biennial 2009: Don’t Disturb!

KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial 2009
Contest: Open to all cartoonists.
Theme: Don’t Disturb!
Technique: Free.
Entries: max. 3 cartoons.
The works must be original, including digital artworks if the prints are signed by the author, accompanied by the author’s entry-form / biography. The awarded works in other competitions, photocopies, etc... will not be accepted.
Size: max. B3 (50 x 35 cm).
Grand Prize:.........5.000 Euro,
First Prize:............3.000 Euro,
Second Prize:........2.000 Euro,
Third Prize:...........1.000 Euro,
and 10 Special Prizes.
Deadline: July 01, 2009 / The postmark will provide the proof /
The international jury: August 01-03, 2009.
Results: August 07, 2009.
Exhibition: The Kosova Art Gallery / Prishtina, September 21, 2009 / from 20.00 h.
Catalogue: All selected artists in catalogue will receive a copy.
Remark: The awarded works will become property of the Gallery / KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial. The others will be returned to the artists, if formally requested, after September 2010. / Artists may also leave the cartoons to the Gallery / KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial. /
All rights reserved : © KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial
/ The organizer holds the rights to publish the cartoons, on media and other publicity materials, such are web-page, catalogues, posters, calendars, cards, etc... anything that has to do with animation, afirmation of the Biennial... /
WEB: http://www.kosovacartoon.eu/
E-mail: info@kosovacartoon.eu
Tel: +377 / 0 / 44 666548
Address: KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial P.O.Box. 257, 10000 Prishtina KOSOVA / EU /

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