11th edition of the George Van Raemdonck cartoon contest

Dear cartoonist,
On Friday 3rd of October 2008 the 11th edition of the George Van Raemdonck cartoon contest will open in “Theater Vooruit” in Boechout. The exhibition will be open to public from Saturday 4 October until Friday 31 October.
In our community we are proud of this cartoon-event. George Van Raemdonck from Boechout, was a great artist, a fine painter and “the ambassador of the Flemish cartoon-art during the 20th century. Every 2 or 3 years since1986 (20 years after his death) the IHA (International Humour in Art) organizes this International thematic cartoon-contest, with the support of the village council.
The theme for this years edition: “Flavour – Taste” was carefully selected by IHA. This is very appropriate to the culinary rich Boechout that has plenty of good restaurants. But of course “Flavour –Taste” is not only reflected by this alone. Flavour is a sense with which one tastes. I am convinced that the cartoonists will play extensively with their sense of humour to create an original piece of art that will put a smile on everyone’s lips.
From the depth of my heart I warmly invite everybody to take part in the11th edition of our cartoon contest. The judging will take place in August. The best works will have the privilege of being exhibited to the public. More information can be found on http://www.iha.be/.
I wish everybody success with his or her entry and look forward to be culturally overwhelmed with humour in art during the month October.
With kind cultural regards,
Koen T’Sijen
Mayor of Boechout

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